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How Often Should You Mow the Lawn

How Often Should You Mow the Lawn? A Guide for Homeowners in Oak Hill

Raise your hand if you’re a homeowner in Oak Hill who loves the look of their lawn right after it is mowed. Homeowners who mow the lawn regularly help keep their lawn looking beautiful, clean, and healthy. 

Did you know that you can mow the lawn too often?

This helpful guide will let you know how often you should mow the lawn and give you some pointers on keeping your lawn healthy. 

Is Your Grass Too Short? 

When to mow the lawn depends on your lawn’s initial height. If your lawn turns yellow or appears dried out it is often a sign that the lawn has been over mowed.

Experts suggest following the rule of one-third. Cut one-third of the height of your lawn each time you mow the lawn to avoid it from becoming dried out. 

If you use a lawn mowing company, make sure they are following the one-third rule. This will help your grass to grow deeper roots and stay healthy. 

Mowing the Lawn in Spring

In the springtime, many homeowners break the lawnmower out to get ready for backyard activities like cookouts. It is important not to become overly eager about mowing the lawn in the spring. 

Before you start up your mower assess your lawn. Does it look healthy? Do you have a weed problem? Take time to make a plan to get your lawn in great looking shape after the harsh winter. 

If you don’t have time to create a plan to get your lawn looking great consider finding a lawn mowing company that can do this type of work. Work with them to come up with a schedule for yard maintenance and fertilizing. 

During the Spring make sure your lawn is at least two inches tall before you start to mow it. Set your mower’s height appropriately and follow the one-third rule when mowing to keep your lawn healthy. 

Make sure any fertilizer is absorbed into the lawn before you mow. If you decide to seed the lawn during the spring, wait a little while before you get on a regular mowing schedule. If you mow soon you could rip new growth out of the ground or smash the seedlings with the mower. 

In Oak Hill, we don’t have many harsh winter’s, but if the temperatures dipped lower than normal you may want to give your lawn a break before you start to mow again. In the spring it is normal for homeowners to mow every three to five days to keep the lawn looking clean and healthy. 

Sometimes it can rain a lot during spring in Oak Hill. If this is the case you may need to mow more often to keep up with the growth. 

Mowing the Lawn in Summer

Homeowners in Oak Hill know once the weather warms up the grass grows really fast. Lawn mowing services can help you keep up with mowing the lawn and keeping your grass healthy. 

How often should you mow the lawn in the summer? Well, everyone’s lawn is different. Just because the Jones family mows their lawn every two weeks and it looks great doesn’t mean you need to do the same.

How often you mow will depend on your maintenance plan and the care you put into your lawn. Always check how tall your lawn is before you cut it.

Experts suggest that you should keep your lawn a little bit taller during the summer than you would in the spring. The recommended summer lawn height is three inches

Taller grass can help your lawn look healthy when there is less water in the hot summer months. In the summertime, it only takes three to five days for your lawn to grow an inch. It’s a good rule of thumb to mow every four days or so to keep your grass at the recommended three inches. 

Follow this rule to keep your lawn looking healthy, clean, and beautiful all summer long. 

Fall and Winter Mowing

Mowing the lawn in fall and winter is a completely different story. That’s because grass doesn’t grow as quickly during these months. Oak Hill doesn’t get any snowfall but the lawn does stop growing as much during the winter. 

When the temperature drops regularly mowing the lawn becomes a thing of the past. In colder climates, you won’t have to mow the lawn at all. 

That’s not the case here. Generally, Oak Hill residents will still need to mow every once in a while. Here are some tips that can help you decide when it is time to mow in the fall and winter. 

Do not mow your lawn when it is wet. Sometimes we get a nice fall shower. If this happens, put off mowing the lawn until the next day.

Mowing the lawn when it is wet will upset the base of the grass. This can cause mildew or mold to grow on your lawn. 

If we have a hot day during the winter don’t rush out and mow. Leave the lawn alone to help it become more hearty to take on cold patches we will experience. 

Proceed with caution when mowing in the colder months. Only mow the lawn if you really need to until the weather warms up. 

Continue following the one-third rule when you do mow. Up north many people stop mowing their lawn altogether during the winter. The best thing you can do for your lawn in the winter is to keep it healthy and alive and wait until the spring to do a major mow or changes in your maintenance routine

Make the Right Call

Finding the right schedule for lawn maintenance can be difficult with Oak Hill’s constantly changing weather. It is important to assess your grass height before you mow the lawn and avoid mowing the lawn just because your neighbors did. 

East Coast Lawn and Landscaping is a reliable landscaping company that can set you up on the right schedule of mowing for your lawn. We work hard to make sure you will love the way your lawn looks no matter the time of year.

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