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History Of East Coast Landscaping

We started with a wheel barrel, a shovel, and a dream after noticing that landscaping companies were offering the same old services at outrageous prices. People were paying for the services because they were too busy to do their research or know any better.

We spent weeks analyzing and putting together a game plan to differentiate ourselves from other key landscaping companies. It was simple — do the work that the others weren’t willing to do. And thus, East Coast Landscaping was started.

Years ago, people would get recommendations from their friends and families. Now that everyone uses the internet, there are hundreds of options available to them. Most landscaping companies do the work that they are told to do and then leave. Our goal is to educate homeowners on the proper way to take care of their landscapes so that they don’t need professional care as often.

Our Mission

We create Pinterest-worthy landscapes that will have your neighbors in awe!

At East Coast Landscaping, we add flair to each landscape, whether it be a new garden fixture or established trees and shrubs.

Our landscapers have a good eye for design, from years of experience. They can recommend materials, colors, and patterns that work well with each other.

We’re different from other landscaping service companies. Our landscapers use creativity and imagination to give you a unique visual experience. The result? A beautiful landscape that won’t break the bank. Get answer from our FAQ page!

Our Difference

We think that it’s the little things that make all the difference. Is your landscape overdue for a rebuild or refresh? We’ll take care of your landscaping by installing new landscape features for your home or business.

Every gardener knows that weeding is the most tedious part of caring for your landscape. We pull the weeds out at the roots so that there is less chance of them growing back.

We have the tools and expertise to get your landscape installation done correctly. If you have a specific request, we can figure out a way to accommodate your needs. We offer premier landscaping service in all of Central Florida.

We Love Serving All of Central Florida

There’s plenty to love about living on the coast—the water, the weather, and so much more. At East Coast Landscaping, we enjoy the community.

Not only do we provide high-quality service, but we also care about your overall experience. Our friendly customer service representatives will schedule you for our next available date and explain our procedures. If you have a last-minute event, we will do our best to fit you into our schedule.

We value making lasting connections with the communities of Central Florida. That’s why the community trusts us. We go above and beyond, making us your top pick for landscapers in Central Florida.

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